Designed for beauty but built to withstand the elements and life, Australian made outdoor aluminium shutters extend your living space both indoors and out. Outdoor aluminium shutters allow you to transform your outdoor space with the perfect mix of light, airflow, temperature and privacy.

When you are living in the congested areas of Ipswich, Springfield, Jimboomba, Brisbane or Ripley, you can create a private retreat using outdoor aluminium shutters to block unsightly views or the prying eyes of your neighbours, while still allowing for airflow.

Why use outdoor aluminium shutters?

  • Exterior shutters are ideal for added privacy and security, and enhanced peace of mind.
  • Great for enclosed balconies, outdoor rooms, outdoor kitchens, and patios.
  • Outdoor shutters are available in several styles that include hinged, fixed, multi-fold, and sliding panel.
  • Maintain privacy when closed and provide unobstructed views when open.
  • Can be ordered in a sleek, modern looking clear-coat anodized finish.
  • Choose vertical aluminum exterior shutters when you want to partition large rooms.
  • Outdoor shutters can be in several forms which include durable, powder coat finishes and in several colors.

This proudly Australian made outdoor aluminium shutters have multiple benefits in a home, and it will not only protect your home against extreme weather but also improve the aesthetics of your property. When shopping for the best outdoor shutters, the material you select is crucial. The best material should be easy to care for and maintain.

If you’re in the market for reliable exterior shutters, Australian made aluminium outdoor shutters is the best material to use for several reasons. They are:

  • Environmentally friendly
  • Flame retardant
  • Termite proof
  • Reduces energy costs
  • Manufactures in 15 working days
  • 25 year limited transferable warranty
  • Made from world-class quality material

Outdoor shutters are an innovative solution when you’re looking for beautiful window treatments that are both stylish and durable for your home’s or offices’ exterior. It is also popular choice treatment solution of architects and designers because of its durability than wood shutters. Having aluminium outdoor shutters can still provide great views when opened and complete privacy when closed. From outdoor rooms to enclosed balconies, these shutters offer a unique design flair that complements your home…and 100% Australian made!