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Different types of outdoor awnings, which is right for you?

If you live in areas where sun is excruciating and you don’t like being exposed to the fury of hot sun then installing durable awnings could be a good option for you. But how do you know which one is the right one to pick? With all the different types of awnings available, it can be overwhelming and confusing on which type you can use on your home or property. Awnings can provide you a lot of comfort from the heat [...]

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Plantation shutters for sliding doors

Give your sliding doors the treatment they deserve. Do your sliding doors open onto a fully finished deck, wrap-around porch, or screened-in patio? Plantation shutters for sliding doors give you the lighting control you always long for, privacy. It gives you the ability to stand up to all the use that your sliding glass doors get. With sliding door shutters, you can be safe to anything that is getting in between your doors. Be it your curtains or blinds that’s [...]

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How to care for you plantation shutters

Whether you’re cleaning your whole house or just tidying up before a party, cleaning your plantation shutters is something that needs to be done, and done the right way. If it’s not, you might be looking at permanent stains, discolouring, or damage to the material. Dos Do clean regularly Your shutters will collect dust and dirt, especially exterior shutters. Make sure you clean them regularly. Dust daily to help ensure brightness of the paintwork, especially for interior shutters. You can then [...]

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DIY Plantation Shutters

Plantation shutters are a popular and subtle window fashion. They work best with any interior design that enhances the overall beauty and functionality of your home. Originating back in ancient Greece, plantation shutters were used to cover windows and keep out the elements. In the 80’s the Plantation style shutter was live to the Australian market. Australians have embraced interior window shutters as an affordable and practical shading solution. Our desire for minimal interior design and a relaxed lifestyle is enhanced by these [...]

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Australian made Outdoor Aluminium Shutters

Designed for beauty but built to withstand the elements and life, Australian made outdoor aluminium shutters extend your living space both indoors and out. Outdoor aluminium shutters allow you to transform your outdoor space with the perfect mix of light, airflow, temperature and privacy. When you are living in the congested areas of Ipswich, Springfield, Jimboomba, Brisbane or Ripley, you can create a private retreat using outdoor aluminium shutters to block unsightly views or the prying eyes of your neighbours, [...]

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The Top Benefits of Installing Roller Blinds

Are you living in Brisbane and have a window view of the coastal area? Or you are simply wanting to change your home or office décor? Then, roller blinds are the perfect answer. Roller blinds are great for skylights and Velux windows while offering you the much-needed privacy. It can not only bring colour, texture and meaning to every room but enhance its aesthetic value. Here are the many benefits of roller blinds, which make it the ideal addition to any [...]

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Why Choose Blinds over Curtains?

Reasons why Blinds are better for your Home Windows If you are renovating your home or decorating your new apartment, you should choose the blinds for the following reasons: Blinds provide the minimalism many people prefer these days. They are sleek but versatile as well. You can retain the aesthetic with the multiple styles, materials, and finishes blinds are available in Blinds are easy to measure for a fitting. You don’t have to deal with the hassle of compensating for [...]

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Why are plantation shutters so popular?

Shutters and blinds are trending these days. Among them, plantation shutters enjoy a great popularity. They are not only being used in residential settings but have become equally popular in commercial settings as well. While there are roller blinds and roller shutters giving tough competition to them when it comes to popularity but plantation shutters are in a league of their own. Have a look at some of the reasons why plantation shutters have become immensely popular: Energy-Efficient The biggest [...]

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Which is better for Your Windows: Blinds or Shutters?

When renovating your home or decorating a new one, you definitely need to think of ideas on how to dress the windows. Modern interior industry provides multiple options. While that is welcoming, it also makes it difficult to make a decision. Among window dressing options, people often get confused about shutters and blinds. Should we get roller blinds or roller shutters? Both have their own advantages but ‘which is a better installation for the home windows’ is a common question. [...]

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What to put on your windows for a better night’s sleep?

Looking for ideal window treatments for your bedroom? We all are aware of the fact that how the ambiance created in our room affect the quality of our sleep. There are different aspects of a room that creates the overall ambiance and window treatments are the most prominent of them. Simply put, the type of window coverings you are using can greatly affect your sleep. Have a look at the window coverings you should go for to create the perfect [...]

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