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What Are Aluminium Shutters?

Aluminium is a popular choice for Plantation Shutters Brisbane’s exterior and interior, thanks to the material’s high strength and long-term use. Because of their versatility and durability, aluminium shutters are built to last. Aluminium plantation shutters are the most often recommended option for the outside.

Plantation shutters in Queensland should be chosen considering the potential effect of extreme heat and humidity on certain materials. Aluminium is a weather-resistant material that can withstand the intense heat and humidity of our Queensland summers, unlike other shutter materials.

Why Should You Choose Sublime Australian-Made Aluminium Shutters?

Regarding exterior materials, Brisbane’s weather can be severe and expensive to maintain, so Sublime Australian-made aluminium shutters are an excellent option for homeowners. Whether on a deck, patio, courtyard, or as a window covering, aluminium plantation shutters provide excellent protection from the harsh Australian sun and rain. These shutters are a breeze to clean and care for all year round.

We can help you choose the best option from a wide range of options to enhance the look of your house. With our guarantee and post-sale services, you can rely on us. Our aluminium plantation shutters in Brisbane are well-known, and we believe our service is the best value for money in the city.

  • Cost Effective

Mounting methods might differ significantly from one another. Fixed shutter panels held in place by U-channels are our most cost-effective option. Consider sliding, hinged, or bi-fold shutter panels for certain apertures if you want the most adjustability. These include fixed shutters, hinged and bi-folding shutters, and direct hinged and sliding shutters in a track.

  • Home Decor

Your home will look great from the inside and out with the installation of outdoor plantation shutters in Brisbane. The majority of people in Queensland may benefit from them in various ways. Your home or business will look and feel more luxurious with the help of these products. In addition to providing UV protection and insulating your home, outdoor plantation shutters are a year-round convenience.

  • External Shutters

We may add deadbolts, handle locks, or flush bolts to your external shutters for even more protection. There’s a ten-year manufacturer’s warranty on all of our Aluminium Plantation Shutters in Brisbane. In addition to their stunning contemporary beauty, our aluminium plantation shutters for outdoor areas are long-lasting and simple to maintain.

  • Variety of Colours

At Sublimes Blinds and Shutters, you’ll find a wide choice of colours and finishes available for the shutters manufactured of conventional aluminium. The alternatives with a gloss white finish and a white satin finish are the most sought-after. If you need to match a particular hue, Sublime also provides custom colours that you may buy.

In addition to a wide variety of colour options, Sublimes also offers a wide variety of design and finish options. We look forward to helping you choose the best shutters for your home.

At Sublime Blinds and Shutters, we are dedicated to helping homeowners in the Ipswich, Springfield, Jimboomba, Brisbane, Ripley, Greenbank, Augustine heights and Springfield Lakes bring their Hampton style to life through the professional design and installation of stylishly functional window treatments.

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