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When designing a house or renovating it, the window coverings you choose may effectively set the tone for how your home will look, feel, and function in the future. This is especially true if you are remodelling. As a result of its lengthy lifespan and refined aesthetic appeal, plantation shutters are sometimes considered a secure and safe alternative.

What Are Plantation Shutters?

A slatted window covering known as plantation shutters, they gained their name from the southern U.S., where they were often used on plantations growing coffee, tobacco, cotton, and sugar cane. The slats on plantation shutters were much more prominent in the past, making them much more challenging to operate. Since dawn, they have been referred to as either California shutters or traditional shutters.

Accordion-style panels hide a section of the window opening when the shutters are closed. The louvres or slats are tilted by a tilt bar or rod to control light, airflow, and visibility.

  • Made In Australia

Materials made in Australia are becoming more critical for anybody renovating or building a home. More than 90% of Australians say they prefer buying products created in their country whenever possible. When you purchase Australian-made products, you’re supporting our local workers and keeping your money in Australia, which is good for our economy. In addition, you may be sure that your product was mainly designed to withstand the rigours of our region’s environment.

  • Flexibility

Plantation Shutters from Australia may be customized to fit windows of any shape or size, making them very versatile. Windows that may be equipped with Plantation Shutters that are not rectangular include arches, angles, hexagons, and octagons, among others.

As a room divider, these shutters may be a trendy alternative to more oversized windows or sliding glass doors. Several layouts allow for this, including hinged and hinged bi-fold and the by-pass on track.


  • Rate of Return on Investments and Insulation

Adjustable Sublime Plantation Shutters let you control the amount of sunlight entering your windows and doors. This way, they can save energy by isolating the air within each cell. Their low conductivity as a heat conductor in combination with polyresin means they severely limit heat exchange. A beautiful Plantation Shutters may be opened in the winter to let the warming sun into your home, reducing the amount of money you spend on air conditioning in the summer.

  • Safe and Secure

As a result of its nontoxic polyresin composition and extensive testing and scientific verification, Plantation Shutters are an excellent option for any family. Still, they are especially recommended for those with young children.

  • Reliable and Durable

We use a high-quality polyresin mixture in our plantation shutters, which is durable and easy to clean. As a result of the smooth surface’s resistance to staining agents, faults may typically be removed by wiping them off with a soft, damp cloth. A single person can remove and clean our traditional non-motorized shutters in seconds.

Homeowners in the following areas can count on Sublime Blinds and Shutters to help them achieve their Hampton-style window treatment goals: Ipswich and Springfield; Jimboomba and Brisbane; Ripley and Greenbank; Augustine heights; Springfield Lake; Lockyer Valley; scenic rim; Somerset Regional Council; Ipswich council catchment; Fernvale; Marburg; Hatton Vale; and Kensington Grove.

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