Crank Operated Straight Drop Outdoor Blinds


Crank Operated Straight Drop Outdoor blinds are ideal for areas that need protection from the sun and wind but where channels or wire guides are not possible or needed. Easily operated using the crank handle and locked in the down position with stainless steel dog clips. Sublime’s Outdoor Blinds are an affordable solution for your outdoor entertainment area.

• Easily operated with crank handle. • No channels and no wires.
• The mounting brackets and bottom rail for the Crank Operated Drop Outdoor Blinds is available in 4 standard
colours, however for an additional cost we can powder coat these to the colour of your choice.
• The Crank handle can be located on either the left or the right side of the blind. Depending on your preference.
Ability to pre-select fixed locking points at the time of installation in most situations to suit your requirements & needs..
• A smart and compact weather box is also available for the Crank Straight Drop Outdoor Blinds. Designed to enclose
the top roll and provide a sleek and modern look to the blind. This is an optional extra available in
4 standard colours.

Sublime Blinds And Shutters not only recommend our Crank Operated Straight Drop Outdoor Blinds, but we strongly suggest that you consider these as a product of necessity.

Not only are our Outdoor Blinds easily retractable and pulled down swiftly, they also looks great well.

Sublime offer many alternatives to our crank operated straight drop blinds, such as Zipscreens, Wire Guides & Multistop.

But it doesn’t end there! Contact us today to find out more