Worried about how to select curtain, blinds, and shutters for bi-fold and sliding doors? Sublime Blinds and Shutters bring a solution to all your problems. Treatment for bi-fold, sliding doors, and windows is not a problem now.

All you have to do is select the type that suits your need. We’ll provide you with the best blinds in town.

Bi-fold and sliding doors

They are mostly in use in rooms where you want to merge an outdoor area with an indoor. And these types of doors have proven to be the best for this purpose, allowing sunlight entering the room making a beautiful view of the garden from the living room. But during summers as it gets too hot these glass doors might create a problem as direct sunlight entering the room will cause it much warm which will be quite undesirable. To deal with this problem you can use roller blinds to stop the sun rays from entering the room.

Linked blinds:

Linked blinds are a good option to be used against bi-fold and sliding doors. They provide complete control over all the blinds separately and thus are perfect to be used in areas that are frequent in use on daily basis. They are installed in such a way that doesn’t obstruct the other windows. There is a minor gap of millimeters between two of them. This is why there is a separate blind for each window however they appear to be as one single-blind. You can then even open the door without opening your blind. Another interesting thing about these blinds is that they not just stop heat coming inside but also prevent heat escape from the room during winters. These types of roller blinds are very convenient and provide complete privacy and temperature control.


Sheer curtains are also an option for glass doors as they protect the light from entering the room and making it cozier during summers. If the opening of the door is on the edge of the window then a single large curtain can work. You can just slide the curtain to access your space and you have choices to design your drapes but if the door is in the center a center parting or multiple slits are mandatory in the curtain.


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