Every home or office requires enough décor products to make the interiors come alive with consideration of functionality. We purchase different products to make our place comfortable and to our liking. At the same time, we need security and protection from heat and cold. For this purpose, we require the use of indoor blinds.

Indoor blinds not only provide efficient energy savings by helping to achieve consistent room temperatures. They are also a key to any interior design feature. Choosing an indoor blind can be a very a crucial decision. This is because they can become an important part of your home and can last for years.

There are various types of roller blinds to choose from. The choice depends on what style you think is best for your home or office, here are a few:

Roller Blinds

Roller blinds are becoming popular these days in Ipswich, Springfield, Jimboomba, Brisbane, and Ripley. They are more preferred because of the trendy look they give to your window treatments. They are convenient to use, easy to install, maintain and clean. In contemplating what you must choose, consider the right fabrics for your blinders. For example, if you are installing it in kitchen windows, you need a fabric that would be flame resistant.

Roller blinds offer a practical and stylish window dressing for any home or office and are ideal for areas that require greater privacy or sun protection. Available in a broad range of colours and a wide range of fabric styles including block out , light filtering and sunscreen, roller blinds offer a durable option that can be custom-made to your window opening.


With no screws or permanent fixings required, Magic Fix is a new roller blind system that has an innovative friction mechanism that uses tension to magically stick to your window reveals.

Magic Fix is the ideal choice for rental properties or commercial buildings that insist on no fixings, as the roller blinds can be installed and get rid of without causing damage to the window reveals. It is also perfect for windows where fragile materials like marble, granite or ceramic tiles are in place.

Panel Glide

Panel glides are a versatile and elegant shading option for large windows and sliding doors. Easily opened or drawn by wand control, panel glides can be stacked past a doorway or large window to allow full access and view of your opening. It’s light and easy to operate and they offer diversity in track configurations to allow for a variety of stacking options. Coming in a variety of colours and patterns they can be coordinated to match your interior décor. To help you find the perfect style and material to fit your décor and budget, panel glide blinds are available for customisation by Sublime Blinds and Shutters.

Veri Shades

We are so used to placing curtains on our homes or offices, why not, they’re elegant, soft and stylish. But the downside is, they are either open or closed. Worry not, Veri shades is here to give you both the elegance and functionality of a blind and the privacy that a curtain can give.

The soft fabric of Veri Shades will hang beautifully on your home or office. There are no weights or chains so you can walk through them anywhere, whether they’re opened or closed – they just sway out of the way and settle back perfectly. They are fashionable and offers the perfect solution for large windows, sliding doors or even a dramatic wall to wall feature.

Whichever you choose from these indoor blinds, it requires forethought. You might want to weigh different options before choosing the right one and consider the purpose of purchasing it.


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