While choosing blinds for your bathrooms there are a few things to be keep to mind. As bathrooms are a humid place so the material of your choice for window blinds should meet up the criteria and should be heat and moisture resistant. So that it does not get warp with time.

Aluminum blinds

They are a good option for usage as they do not get rot or bend. There are different varieties of blinds. The designs are specially for bathrooms to not just meet the privacy need but also to add to the interior of bathrooms. You can use various color schemes and patterns in these blinds to enhance the beauty of your space.

Rolled Up blinds or top-down

They are more suitable as you can adjust them as you wish, to get complete privacy as well full control on light entering the bathroom.

Cotton and silk

It is often suggested to avoid using cotton and silk for bathroom blinds as it gets shrink and fade easily due to the humid atmosphere in the surrounding. And therefore a more durable material such as viscose should be used. There are different designs and prints available from which you can select according to your choice.

Wood made blinds or Shutters

A traditional wooden look is very common and is the choice of most of the people as it also goes neutral with various color schemes. But using pure wood made blinds or shutters in washrooms is never a good choice as wood absorbs water and easily gets damaged and bow down. A more sustainable solution to this is the use of Faux wood in kitchen and bathroom blinds. It looks pretty much the same as real wood but having a more resistant finish increases its functionality in moist areas.

Polymer Shutters

The use of polymer shutters is more practical in bathrooms because firstly the windows of bathrooms are too small that drapes and curtains seem a little too extra for them. And secondly, these shutters are easy to manage as can be wiped or washed with minimum effort.

Bathrooms often get affected by molds and mildew so there should be a preference to always use a material that is easy to clean as molds reoccur with time.

Still not sure what type of blinds/shutters will suit best to your bathroom? Contact the Sublime blinds and Shutters team and our professionals will guide you about the best option. The option will be based on the area, shape, and size of your windows to meet the privacy needs and withstand the complications of the wet area.


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