Hampton Style Blinds And Shutters

Hampton Style Blinds And Shutters & Curtains for your Australian Home is a specialty here at Sublime.

If you follow Australian home style and design trends, especially the trends making waves in Brisbane, Ipswich, and Springfield, then you would know that the “Hamptons Look” is one of the most desired home styles trends currently.

Across the nation, Australians are trying to find out how you create The Hamptons look. With excellent reason, the look & style has a nature-inspired and laidback elegance that translates well to our nautical heritage and beach-loving nature.

The most common sights in Hampton homes are wraparound verandas, French glass doors, walls with panels, and oak floors.

These style elements can be traced back to when the area was a homesite for sailing ships. As far as windows go, the Hampton style favours various window styles, from wooden frames to bay windows with built-in seating.

As you can probably guess, window treatments that best suit the Hampton style are simplistic, as their true beauty is translated through the details during their production and installation.

Those looking to add to their home’s natural style can do so through either curtains, blinds, or shutters.

Hampton home-style dwellers who prefer curtains should consider exposed wooden curtain rods with light, neutral-toned curtains that let a lot of light in.

Those who prefer blinds should also opt for a subdued hue to suit the laidback pleasing look.

Regarding Hampton Style Shutters, shutters as an exterior detail are considered stylish and functional.

Their elegant but straightforward design borrows from sailing ships’ style while offering functional home protection against strong winds.

Interior Shutters, such as Sublime’s Thermalite plantation shutters, are also considered a Hampton-style staple.

This shutter style is trendy for both Hamptons and non-Hamptons style homes as they offer unmatched light and privacy control simply by adjusting the blades.

Blinds, curtains, and shutters offer numerous options for Hampton-style homeowners to complement their homes’ elegant, relaxed aesthetic.

At Sublime Blinds and Shutters, we are dedicated to helping homeowners in the Ipswich, Springfield, Jimboomba, Brisbane, Greenbank, and Springfield Lakes, bring their Hampton style to life through the professional design and installation of stylishly functional window treatments.