Whether you’re cleaning your whole house or just tidying up before a party, cleaning your plantation shutters is something that needs to be done, and done the right way. If it’s not, you might be looking at permanent stains, discolouring, or damage to the material.


Do clean regularly

Your shutters will collect dust and dirt, especially exterior shutters. Make sure you clean them regularly. Dust daily to help ensure brightness of the paintwork, especially for interior shutters. You can then wipe down with a damp cloth once a week to remove any build ups, particularly in the corners of the louvers and within the hinges.


For exterior shutters, you’ll want to wipe down at least once a month. They will get away with slightly longer cleaning regimes because they are designed to handle harsher elements. However, if you live in a coastal area like Brisbane that has had a lot of humid weather, cleaning more regularly will help to protect the paintwork, vinyl, and other materials.


  • Do use the vacuum cleaner. For shutters, it’s the soft upholstery attachment and the associated power setting you need. Work from top to bottom and centre to outer edges in the same way as you would with a cloth.


  • Do think about what your shutters are made from. If you’re cleaning wooden shutters, avoid using lots of water or liquid cleaners. Wood that absorbs moisture then dries out can shrink unevenly, causing warping.


  • Do remove the hinges to clean. Once a month, take your shutters off the windows and remove the hinges. You want to deep clean the hinges to get rid of the buildup of dust and dirt. This is especially important for exterior shutters, where the dirt will build up quickly.


  • Don’t keep shutters open for long periods of time. While you want to open your shutters fully for cleaning and letting some large amounts of daylight in, the window coverings are actually designed to be closed. This is why they have louvers, so you can control the amount of light you let into your home. Keeping your shutters open for long periods of time will damage the hinges and put excess pressure on the framework.
  • Don’t use excess force to move the louvers. You shouldn’t need to put excess force on your plantation shutters. If you find them stiff to move, readjust the screws on the side. Loosening them will help to make your shutters easier to open and close. Excess force will damage the framework.
  • Don’t neglect nooks. A soft toothbrush will dislodge dust from corners and a feather duster will extend your reach and is gentle enough for shutters.

Plantation shutters are among great for any type of window coverings and they are worthy to last a long time. To make the most of your window coverings, you need to care for them regularly. Follow the above dos and don’ts for your plantation shutters and reap the reward of keeping them for generations


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