With emerging technology there is a wide availability of colors in window treatments of various materials, providing a huge range of thousands of colors to select from. When there is that much choice available it is not unusual that one may get confused or couldn’t decide what to select or whether it will suit or not. To solve all of these problems here are a few tips to help you choose the colors for your blind that match the decor:

Neutrals are ideal to go for:

While choosing colors for your window blinds it is always advisable to go for neutrals if you want to be on a safer side and don’t want to play much with the interior or if you don’t want to take a risk that how things will come out. Therefore neutrals like grey, white, beige, brown are ideal. Still of you can’t figure out which neutral shade to go for there is a simple tip that works perfectly; just select the color of the trim of windows for your blind. It has proven to bring out decent as well as classy results.

Match the color of decor or sofa fabric:

Another very useful yet simple and easy tip to select the right color for your blinds is to match the color of decoration pieces or items in the room. If you are going for a fabric blind select the color of the fabric of sofas or cushions to create more harmony in the room. Select one color scheme having 2-3 colors and use it the room in all the objects from paintings to decoration pieces and blinds.

Use complementary schemes:

To create emphasis or a focal point in the room use complementary color schemes. In this way, you’ll be able to create a more modern look in the room. And not just that it will make the room look more appealing, lively, and refreshing to the eye. Viscose blinds, Roller blinds or can be used for this purpose.

Match the fixings or flooring:

If you are can’t decide what color of blind will suit your interior best simply go with the color of flooring or any closet/fixed cupboard in the room. So that it will create a sense of balance in the making it looks more elegant and clean.

Avoid too much color:

The mistake most people make is adding too many colors in a single room. It is always recommended to not use more than three colors while planning a color scheme for a particular room as it does appear nice to the eyes and also affects the harmony. Simple, decent use of colors helps achieve all the principals of design resulting in overall good interior design.

Size of the room:

One of the most important aspects to be kept in mind while selecting the color for the blinds is the SIZE of the room. Dark and dense colors make the room look small and narrow. Therefore always select lighter colors for small rooms. And large rooms definitely have a margin for darker colors.


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