Give your sliding doors the treatment they deserve. Do your sliding doors open onto a fully finished deck, wrap-around porch, or screened-in patio? Plantation shutters for sliding doors give you the lighting control you always long for, privacy. It gives you the ability to stand up to all the use that your sliding glass doors get. With sliding door shutters, you can be safe to anything that is getting in between your doors. Be it your curtains or blinds that’s blowing in the breeze. You will never have to worry about any lack of privacy.

Plantation shutters for sliding doors are permanently attached and slide or fold out of the way. This allow you to have full use of the door. Sliding shutters open and close with one easy tilt of the louvers. This let you go from full light to total privacy or anywhere in between. With a divider rail, you can let in light up top and have privacy below. No cords, no railing and no struggling to keep them from getting in between the door like with other window treatments. Sliding door shutters offer privacy, light control, and they block heat and cold from passing through the glass. That makes them the perfect complement to any homeowner who wants to prioritize comfort and practicality.

Depending on the layout of your sliding glass doors and your own personal preference, you can choose between two types of sliding shutters, bi-fold track shutters and bypass track shutters.The more common of the two sliding glass door shutter builds is bypass shutters.

Bi-Fold Track Shutters

In this setup, two or more shutter panels slide on a track mounted above the door. The shutters are offset so the panels slide over each other for access to the door. Or if there’s some room next to your sliding door. The track can extend past the doorframe to let the shutter completely slide out from in front of the glass door.

As the name might tell you, bifold shutters for sliding glass doors are ones that fold. Rather than two big, solid panels that slide back and forth on a rail, bifold shutters are into separate smaller panels that fold into each other, clearing the way in front of your door.

Having a plantation shutter for your sliding door will ensure that your sliding door will retain their range of motion and function. This is because that shutters will exactly fit your specific sliding door. If you are not sure what kind to get for your sliding door, you can contact Sublime Blinds and Shutters. They can help you find the right fit for your space in their free in-home shutter consultation. They service Ipswich, Springfield, Jimboomba, Brisbane, Ripley and surrounding areas.


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