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This adaptable and beautiful awning’s snug fit makes Them an excellent option for ground floor windows, providing the advantages of maximum privacy and sun protection.

Explore the Advantages of Automatic Roll Up Awnings from Sublime Blinds and Shutters

  • Convenience

  • Protection

  • Privacy
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Features & Advantages

Sturdy fabrics: Many of the textiles we use are produced in Australia to withstand the country’s climate. They will continue to look excellent for many years because they are sturdy.

Technically better materials: We construct our awnings from parts designed to endure in the harsh climate of Australia. For places near the ocean, self-locking stainless steel arms and guiding rails are an option.

Control: User-friendly self-locking arms enable variable height settings with simple manual or pull-stick adjustment.


Wide selection of styles and designs: Our Automatic Roll-up Fabric Awning is available in various sizes and shapes to accommodate different building styles.

Metal headbox: When retracted, the optional, colour-coordinated headbox completely protects your automatic roll-up fabric awning.
You can be sure you’re getting the best when form meets function. Sublime’s exceptional selection of automatic outdoor awnings adds flair and flavour to your outside while being stylish and valuable.


Automatic Roll-up Awnings made of fabric lessen the overall heat load on and in your home, reducing the need for additional cooling. Your carpets, drapes, and furniture will all be very well protected from direct or reflected sunlight. We serve Brisbane, Ipswich, Springfield Lakes and surrounding areas.

This adaptable and beautiful awning’s snug fit makes it an excellent option for ground floor windows, providing the advantages of maximum privacy and sun protection.

When the sun goes down, the auto roll-up awning can be rolled away neatly into a head box thanks to its simple operation and self-locking arms, which make it easy to adjust the shade.

Sublime produces Auto roll-up awnings that are custom-built and tailored to measure to fit any window or opening for Brisbane commercial and residential applications. Our products are produced locally in Brisbane, ensuring the highest level of quality is preserved throughout the manufacturing process to ensure longevity.

Regarding usefulness, these awnings are in a league of their own. They block the sun and cool your house, allowing you to use less energy overall.

Automatic roll-up awnings are affordable and straightforward to use shade options. They can be manually raised and lowered to stop at any location.

You can pick from an incredible selection of high-end fabrics. Choose the option that best fits you. It has choices of colours from rich and bold to light and cool tones that will match your exterior without effort.

Auto roll-up awnings are a great, affordable sun and privacy protection option. As a result, over the past decade, the demand for Auto roll-up awnings in Brisbane has increased significantly.

Our team of experts will guide you through the different shutter styles and options and help you find the perfect solution for you, we service all of Brisbane, Ipswich, Springfield Lakes, Greenbank & Surrounding areas.

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