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Combo Duo Curtains are the ultimate in Luxury & Elegance. It’s great having a sheer curtain installed on your window or door, with all the light and a perfect view to the outside world. But if you need a blockout curtain in the mornings or need privacy at night then you’d usually need a complete other blind, curtain or shutter to go with it.

This is where Sublime Blinds And Shutters step in! Our cleverly designed combination of the two curtains (Sheer & Blockout), with a light sheer fabric at the back and a stylish blockout curtain in front. With just a quick & easy slide with your hand or wand you can choose between the two, for ultimate light and privacy control.

Why choose just a sheer or blockout curtain when you can have the best of both worlds at an affordable price with our two types of Curtains?

Sublime Blinds And Shutters offer you the opportunity to combine our sheer curtains with a blockout curtain, achieving the best of both worlds when it comes to light and privacy. Combo Duo Curtains are the perfect solution for your home.

Combo Duo Curtains are also known as Day & Night Curtains or double curtains. They are installed on two tracks and are designed to be used singly or both as once, depending on your light & comfort needs.

Achieve the best of both worlds with Sublime’s Combo Duo Curtains.

There are endless ways to utilise Sublime’s Curtain combinations. At Sublime Blinds And Shutters we have multiple Sheer curtain fabrics to go at the back of your combined Curtains & even more blockout fabric types to go at the front, to create the perfect ambience of the room.

From Inspiration to Installation, Sublime Blinds And Shutters have you covered for you all your curtain needs