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Choosing The Right Plantation Shutters: Polymer Options

Combo Duo blinds combine two distinct materials into a single blind. Both fabrics can be partially hidden so that the other fabric covers the window area, or a combination of both materials can be seen. The two textiles can be separately adjusted, and a centre rail connects the parts.

With control over light ingress, heat transfer, and privacy, combining one transparent/translucent and one dim-out/blackout cloth enables the most significant degree of versatility. For living rooms, workplaces, and bedrooms, dual blinds are ideal.

Why Choose Sublime’s Combo Duo Blinds?

Evening and daytime privacy

Blockout blinds, which provide total privacy at night, can be combined with sunscreen or light-filtering blinds to provide privacy during the day.

Diffuse sunlight while preventing UV rays

Roller blinds with light-filtering and sunscreen functions will offer daytime privacy without reducing light. Sunscreen roller blinds prevent the fading of your furniture and carpets by blocking 95% of UV rays.

High-quality thermal insulation

High-quality combo duo blinds with blackout and acrylic linings prevent heat from escaping your home in the winter and stop chilly draughts. Blockout roller blinds help keep your home cool in the summer by deflecting the sun’s beams.

Combo Duo Blinds can be used on any window.

To ensure minimal projection into the room, combine two independent roller blinds in limited spaces, or go with double roller blinds with regular or slimline brackets.

Durability and Maintenance

Polymer shutters are designed to withstand rough handling by children and pets. They will never rust or warp from moisture and are reinforced with aluminium rods to ensure they never sag. They require no maintenance and are easy to clean as needed

Guidelines for choosing fabrics for combo duo blinds:

The functionality of the blind will b doubled by using two materials with various levels of transparency.

Choose the translucent fabric for the upper area and the darkening fabric for the lower section when mixing sheer and darkening materials.

The duo blind design can use two honeycomb materials to improve insulating qualities.

A decorative look can be created by combining a plain and patterned fabric.

Double roller blinds combine two blinds into one and offer the most versatility of any of our blinds. Two distinct types of blinds are mounted on a single bracket in this creative blind system.

Use combo duo blinds to the fullest extent possible, and manage the light, privacy, and insulation. Consider how you want your double roller blinds to look and operate when choosing them.