Introducing Magicfix Roller Blinds – the hassle-free solution that requires no screws or fixings.


MagicFix Roller Blinds: No fixings, no screws, no fuss

Explore the Advantages of MagicFix Roller Blinds from Sublime Blinds and Shutters

  • Super Easy To Install!
  • Block Out or Light Filter Fabrics

  • No permanent fasteners or screws are needed

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MagicFix Blinds: With no screws or permanent fixings required, MagicFix is a roller blind system with an innovative friction mechanism that uses tension to stick to your window reveals magically.

MagicFix is the ideal choice for rental properties or commercial buildings that insist on no fixings, as the roller blinds can be installed and removed without causing damage to the window reveals. It is also perfect for windows with fragile materials like marble, granite, or ceramic tiles.

Your option for roller blinds that may be fixed into window surrounds without using screws or brackets.

The MagicFix Roller Blind System by Sublime uses a cutting-edge friction mechanism that uses tension to adhere to your window reveals magically. When adjusted, precisely crafted friction pads on the roller blind top tube fittings hold tightly to the window frame.


Sublime MagicFix Roller Blinds are ideal for windows with delicate materials like marble, granite, or ceramic tiles. It is perfect for rental properties because installing and removing the roller blinds won’t harm the window reveals, which will save both the tenant and the landlord a lot of hassle.

As you can expect, windows are an essential and expensive component of a property, and more commercial building owners are increasingly demanding that NO FIXINGS (screws, etc.) be used when adding blinds to their window frames or surrounds.


Features & Advantages of MagicFix Blinds

• No permanent fasteners or screws are needed.

• Works with reveals up to 60 mm deep. The entire mechanism must be in contact with the window reveal.

• Materials that block out light or act as sunscreens are available to match home or office décor.

• The blind may be operated remotely at any time of day and from any location worldwide, thanks to optional smartphone technology. There is also a solar panel charging option.

• Can be put to create the absolute blackout for a child’s bedroom or a shift worker’s room behind existing curtains or face-fitted blinds.

• Made in compliance with child safety regulations.

• A space of around 25 mm on each side of the fabric.

• Reveal Fit only; face-fitting is not possible.

2400mm is the maximum width.

2500 metre maximum drop.

• 6kg is the maximum weight.

• MagicFix Roller has a cutting-edge design.

• Ingenious Design: MagicFix Roller Blinds are the perfect option for blind installation without fixes.

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