Plantation Shutters are a Speciality at Sublime

Plantation shutters offer greater style, durability and temperature control

Sublime’s Shutters are strong, secure and flexible, our Shutters offer you the safety, privacy and product durability you need while still maintaining the stylish, old-fashion charm of timber shutters.

Sublime Shutters provide the right mix of light and airflow with larger louvers that are easy to operate, you get the added benefit of space saving and an easy to clean covering that is ideal for allergy sufferers.

Sublime’s Brisbane Australian Made Plantation Shutters

Sublime’s Thermalite Shutters are 100%Australian made . Every single Shutter of ours is custom made & manufactured in our suppliers modern factory in Brisbane, Queensland.

Sublime shutters are ideal for a wide range of internal and external Aluminium shutter applications, perfect for your homes and other residential hotel rooms. townhouses, units, hotels and restaurants.

Sublime’s Thermalite Shutters comes with a 25-year transferable warranty.

Our Shutters are custom made to fit any window or door, completely bespoke made, and come in such styles as fixed, sliding, bifold (also known as a folding door) and sliding.

Sublime Shutters also feature elliptical louvres that are available in widths available in 64 to 90 mm (our most popular).

Our shutters do not have the tilt rod to operate them, simply just open & close them with your hand, with no unsightly bar making an appearance.

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Plantation Shutters


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The added benefit of Thermalite Plantation Shutters

Our Thermalite Plantation Shutters are Australian-made and manufactured here in Brisbane and come with a 25-year transferable warranty. They also have a paint finish that lasts for five years without cracking, peeling or discolouring.

Why Thermalite Plantation Shutters you might ask? Made from dense polyester foam, they look and feel like wood but are made from 100% renewable materials. The shutters are fire retardant and water resistant and provide triple the insulation that timber does without impacting the look of your shutters.

Whether you need them fixed, hinged, sliding or bi-fold, Thermalite Plantation Shutters can be custom made to fit your window or door in whatever style you choose. They also feature elliptical louvres that can range from 64-90mm.

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