Protect your home from sun, storms and intruders with custom made & fitted Roller Shutters


Strong, secure and aesthetically pleasing, outdoor roller shutters provide superior security, privacy and sun protection with the benefit of significant energy savings.

At Sublime Blinds And Shutters, we custom make our Outdoor Roller Shutters to suit any size window or door, so they fit perfectly and look great.

Sublime Roller Shutters are available in manual or motorised options for control and come in a variety of colours to suit your home perfectly.

Sublime takes pride in the way it manufactures the highest quality Roller Shutters. We only source the highest quality components and aluminium coils and extrusions from world leading suppliers. All Sublime Roller Shutters have a guarantee of product quality with our 5 Year Product Guarantee!


What are the advantages of Outdoor Roller Shutters?

Offering significant long-term savings and benefits to your home, here are some of the advantages roller shutters can offer you and your family:

  • Secure – With an automatic locking system roller shutters provide your family with complete privacy and the perfect barrier to deter home intrusions and break-ins.
  • Safe – Made from the highest quality materials roller shutters provide added protection during severe storms and can prevent your home from sustaining damage during high winds, heavy rain and hail.
  • Energy-efficient – Whether you want to keep in warmth through winter or keep the harsh Australian heat out in summer, roller shutters offer a great way to control the temperature in your home with the added benefit of minimising energy costs.
  • Light and noise control – Allowing complete block out of the sun and it’s harmful UV rays and a reduction in typical neighbourhood noises, roller shutters offer full environmental control making them the perfect solution for shift workers and parents of small children.

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