Sublime Blinds And Shutters Qld Terms & Conditions


  1. Upon acceptance of these terms, a binding contract is entered into between the customer and Sublime Blinds And Shutters not withstanding Sublime’s right of non-acceptance due to errors and omissions.
  2. Quotations provided by Sublime are valid for 14 days from date on Quote and may be subject to change after that time. Accepted orders are subject to checking at Sublime head office where Sublime reserves the right of non-acceptance.
  3. Completion date is an estimate only and subject to material availability. No responsibility will be accepted for delays
  4. Customer to make access to the works available between 7.00am to 4.00pm Monday to Friday or as otherwise agreed.
  5. Customer accepts that any powdercoat colours and brand stated on this quote are as per the customers selection and that Sublime takes no responsibility for shade variations.
  6. Sublime accepts no responsibility for material variations such as colour, grain, rippling, shrinkage or changes in length and Sublime shall not be liable in any way for loss or damage suffered as a consequence thereof.
  7. Whilst every attempt will be made by Sublime to ensure that the products sold and delivered match samples or products on display in showrooms or at in-house consultations, any minor or immaterial variation or change in colour or grain between the sample and the goods delivered shall not entitle the customer to reject the goods nor to claim any compensation for such variation or change.
  8. Sublime strive to achieve the highest standard possible in the manufacture and installation of products which have been purchased and all work will be carried out as directed by Sublime unless specific instructions are written on this agreement or actual written specifications are given to Sublime by the customer at point of sale.
  9. Customer acknowledges that Sublime staff are not qualified colour consultants or interior decorators – any suggestions or recommendations are their opinions only and the customer takes responsibility for the choice of materials or products ordered.
  10. The acceptable standard for imperfections on the final job is – if it is visible with the naked eye, in natural daylight at a distance of 1.2 metres, it is not acceptable. If it is not visible with the naked eye, in natural daylight, at a distance of 1.2 metres it is acceptable.
  11. Sublime warrants that all work will be carried out in accordance with all relevant laws and legal requirements.
  12. Sublime reserve the right to rectify any errors made by Sublime or their Sub Contractors without compensation to the customer


Conditions of Quotation

By placing of an order and accepting our quotation you are acknowledging and confirming that you accept and will comply with the full terms and conditions of Sublime Blinds And Shutters Qld Australia which are available on our website at:

All goods supplied by Sublime Blinds And Shutters Qld are manufactured to order and cannot be re-sold as we do not have stock items. Cancellation of orders and changes to will not be permitted outside of the Australian Consumer and Competition Commission Legislation.

Acceptance of our quotation will occur by payment of initial payment or by issue of a purchase order

Orders will not be processed until confirmed receipt of initial payment or purchase order is received by Sublime Blinds And Shutters Qld Australia.

Quotations are valid for 7 days only & are not legally binding until quote/contract has been signed & initial payment has been received. Sublime Binds And Shutters reserve the right to retract a quote/contract if there has been an error made in the estimating process.

The customer is advised to check that the colour, finish, shutter/blind layout and fit, blade size and cord controls positioning that are set out on this quotation are correct.

A sample for non-standard paint colours must be supplied by the customer before an order

Only goods and products itemised in this quotation will be supplied.

Any additional products not listed on this quotation, but now required, will be treated as a new order and paid for separately on supply, final payment for the original order cannot be delayed whilst awaiting supply of the additional order.

All quotations are subject to check measure and price review by Head Office. Please keep in mind that sometimes little things can be picked up during check measure which can affect pricing, but we do take all care to avoid this & it is a rarity. If this happens the customer will be notified via email from Sublime after Check Measure with the details of extra work/products required to complete the job and will be advised of additional costs. If the customer chooses not to accept these changes, Sublime reserves the right to cancel the order and charge an admin fee of $165.00 for cancellation.

It is the client’s responsibility to provide adequate structure to secure all blinds.

The client is responsible for the removal of all existing window coverings, tracks and blinds unless charged for in quotation.

Sublime accept no responsibility for client’s windows, floors or building being out of square.

Quotations do not cover scaffold or height access equipment; this is to be supplied by others or if provided by Sublime there will be additional costing, POA.

All goods remain the property of Sublime Blinds And Shutters Qld Australia Pty Ltd and ownership of goods will not be passed onto client until payment is made in full. The warranty will not come into effect until full payment as per the invoice /quotation has been made. Any attempts to repair, alter or adjust a Sublime product by an unauthorised person will deem this warranty null and void

All effort will be made to deliver and install goods and complete this contract in the estimated time however, the company cannot be held responsible for delays due to circumstances beyond it’s control.

Completion dates provided on our quotes/contracts is an estimate only and subject to material availability. No responsibility will be accepted for delays. Sublime shall not be liable for any failure or delay to supply, deliver or install the products where such failure or delay is wholly or partly due to any cause or circumstance whatsoever outside the reasonable control of Sublime.

The information contained or referred to in the quotation documents is confidential and must not be disclosed or released for any other use of purpose.

Placing an Order and Payments

Payment of a 50% Initial payment is required to place orders. This can be done by advising our offices of your credit card details (surcharges apply) by phoning 07 3470 0374 or by paying direct deposit into our bank account as stated on our invoice. No order can proceed until the payment is received by Sublime Blinds And Shutters Qld Australia Pty Ltd.

A further 40% payment will be required at completion of manufacture. You will be contacted by our Customer Service Department to arrange your 40% payment and installation date.

If the goods are unable to be fitted on completion of manufacture and require storage, the second payment being 40% of the total will still be required.

The final 10% payment is to be paid on the day of installation.

We accept – Visa, MasterCard, EFT (Bank Deposit) or Cash. (Surcharges apply for credit card payments).

Sublime Blinds And Shutters Qld Australia Pty Ltd shall be at liberty in its absolute discretion to charge interest on all overdue accounts at an annual rate of 15% and to charge any expense incurred in collecting or attempting to collect any overdue monies.

Our Bank Details

Bank: NAB
Acc. Name: Shane McCubbin
T/A Sublime Blinds And Shutters
BSB No.: 082 729
Acc No.: 739 919 154

Please forward your remittance via email to:

The customer agrees not to hold Sublime responsible for any delays with supply or installation and agrees not to demand any compensation, whether monetary or otherwise. The customer also agrees not to withhold payment if, for any reason, a minor part of a customer’s order is delayed.


Cancellations and Changes

Changes to or Cancellation of orders must be made in writing to Sublime Blinds And Shutters Qld Australia within 1 working day from the placement of order. You may phone and notify us of the cancellation but it must be confirmed in writing to email:

If a cancellation of the order is requested before check measure, an administration fee of $165.00 will be incurred. The remaining balance of your initial payment will be credited to your Bank Account or Credit Card within 5 days of notification.

Cancellation of the order after check measure & before order is placed into manufacture, will incur a minimum cost of $220 plus any material outlays.

Cancellation of the order after check measure & after order is placed into manufacture, will incur a minimum cost of $220 plus any material outlays. Your 50% deposit will not be refunded & you will be required to pay your further progress payment of 40%.

Sublime Blinds And Shutters Qld Australia will make all attempts to action any requests for changes or cancellation without charge, however if costs have been incurred you may incur charges up to the maximum value of the original order.


Cancellation by Us

We have the right to cancel your order if:

* We have insufficient stock to make and deliver the goods ordered.

* The goods ordered unbeknown to us have been discontinued.

* A pricing error or typing error has occurred due to system failure within our database or website.

If for any reason beyond our reasonable control, we are unable to supply a particular item, we will notify you as soon as possible. No discounts or compensation can be offered under these unforeseen circumstances.



When your goods are ready, our Customer Service Department will phone you to arrange the payment of the second instalment being 40% of the total value of the goods.

At the same time a date that is convenient for installation will be confirmed.

The 10% final payment will be required upon completion of installation.

The client is responsible for the removal of all existing window coverings, tracks and blinds and if they are not removed upon installation extra charges will be due and payable.

Payment may be made by way of credit card, EFT or cash. (Surcharges apply for credit card payments).

The Customer is not entitled to defer, offset or withhold payment in whole or part for any reason unless agreed to by Sublime Blinds And Shutters Qld Australia in writing.

Customers are required to provide suitable access for all installation inside and outside the house and to remove any obstructions which could interfere with such installation or valuables which could be damaged. If a Sublime technician encounters any unforeseen difficulty with access or installation of the products ordered, the customer agrees to pay for any additional costs that may arise.

– Customers are responsible for advising Sublime of the presence of any Asbestos at the installation address, that could be disturbed during the installation of the Sublime products.

– Customers are responsible for removing any existing window treatments unless other arrangements are made with the Sales Representative at point of sale.

– Sublime products are made square with some special exceptions and no responsibility can be accepted for windows/any installation areas that are out of square (this includes structural affected areas, inside & outside). Sublime is not responsible for Gaps caused by: including but not limited to: Slanted/sloped/angled/not level rooflines and/or floors, including outdoor area floors/and or surfaces. Plantation Shutters may have a gap around framing (1 or all sides), it would be almost impossible, especially with older windows, to make a shutter that would fit precisely into the window recess without gaps. We may use Gap Filler to assist with light coming in from Gaps, this is common practice with windows that are out of square. Customer recognises & acknowledges there may be gaps.

– Sublime will not be responsible for any damage that may occur at or after the installation of a product or accessory that require fixing into materials, including (but not limited to) tiles, carpet, timber flooring or laminated bench tops.

Customer accepts that any powdercoat colours and brand stated on this quote are as per the customers selection and that Sublime takes no responsibility for shade variations.

Customer organises & pays, at their own expense, for a qualified electrician on all Motorised products that require an electrician (outdoor blinds, zipscreens, indoor blinds, hard wired roller shutters etc etc), regardless of whether this is stated on the quote/contract. Customers are informed during consultation of this fact.

Whilst every care will be taken when installing products, no responsibility will be accepted by Sublime for any damage to premises or interruption to services where such damage or interruption is a result of circumstances beyond the control of Sublime

Corded Blinds – Please note that blinds installed by Sublime will comply with Australian Child Safety Laws for corded blinds.

Additional Terms & Conditions for Plantation Shutters


Width: The width of the panels can vary by plus or minus 1.5mm from the specified width.

Height: The height of the panels can vary by plus or minus 1.5mm from the specified height.


For imperfections such as marks, dots, etc, which are visible with the naked eye in natural daylight, at a distance of 1.5 metres, are deemed unacceptable, hence, this is MYT Shutters’ benchmark for acceptance. No warranty claims can be made if it is not visible within those conditions. Small knots and grain pattern areas are a natural part of timber finishes and are not considered as imperfections.

Colour Match

It is not possible to guarantee an exact colour match for follow-up orders or for (warranty)

replacement components. A follow-up order or replacement component in the same colour as the original order may be of a slightly different tone of colour. All colours (even white and especially stains) change over time. The greater the time period

between the original order and a follow-up (or component replacement) order the greater the

change. Additionally, paint batches can have small colour variations from batch to batch.

Combo Products – Colour Tone Variation

There may be slight colour tone variations between the rails, blades and frames our Combo

Products: Basstech / Duratech. These products are made from a combination of materials (Timber and Polymer), however the same paint treatment is used to finish the completed product. Due to the Polymer substrate and natural timber having a different colours and properties there may be a colour tone difference between the Polymer components and the timber components. This may occur even when the same paint colour is used.

Polymer Blades

Polymer Blades will sag or droop over time, especially if the blades are kept in an open, lay flat or horizontal position for extended periods of time. This will also occur if they are installed in typically hot west or northern facing windows. The wider the Blade the greater the sag.


Plantation shutters are not a light block out (Blackout) product.

There will be light leakage around the panels and between the moving parts. These small gaps are part of the product.

Timber / Polymer /Aluminium extrusions are never totally perfect, additionally timber can move over time. These factors and the need for moving parts will mean when there is strong light behind closed shutters there may be irregular or uneven patterns of light leaking through the gaps. This is expected and is standard within the Shutter industry.

Blade Closure – Light Bleed

Due to hand finishing and the imperfect nature of all extrusions it is expected that there will be variations in light bleed between the blades. These variations in light bleed are only visible when the blades are closed tightly and is typical of the product. The criteria for inspections to determine inconsistent light bleed is with a 4-6mm space between the blades.

Panel Specifications

*Any Shutter outside the our size recommendations will VOID WARRANTY.

You may also need to lift some shutter panels back into the frame when closing the panels. This is normal and is not considered a product fault. This closing method is called “Lift & Assist”.


Refer full Warranty on our website HERE.

Warranty claims are valid only when full payment has been made as per the invoice / quotation.

A call out fee will be applicable within one (1) month of install ($220) and after one (1) month of install will be POA.

Any attempt to alter installed Sublime products by an un-authorised person, voids warranty.