Corner windows can help your room look more spacious. Although they are not present in all homes, offices, and apartments if you have one you can make maximum out of it through different corner window treatments.

Here are some tips on installing shutters, blinds, and curtains on the corner of the window:

Adjoining rods for curtains:

If the two windows have no space between them curtains are a good option to be used in this case. While installing these curtains make sure that the bolts of inner edges of rods are removed and they meet each other at the same point. Thus making a connection between two rods. Now hang the curtains each on a single rod in such a way that they meet at the corner when closed and move towards the outer edge when opened to let the Sunlight in.

For windows having a small wall gap between them a panel of curtains for each window can be used. It will help things look more organized in a tidy way. For this purpose, an elbow connector can be used to connect the two rods and make the two corner side curtain appear as one single when opened.

 Space between two blinds:

Top-down roller blinds or even veteran blinds are other good options for corner windows. Make sure that before ordering you measure the windows correctly and keep in mind the allowance or space between two blinds so that they do not overlap. Although, if you are hiring professionals for this task they know well how to take measurements and all about the space requirements.

If you still are not sure about how to deal with drapery and blinds for corner windows, Plantation Shutters are an ideal option to go for. Sublime blinds and Shutters will provide you fully custom-made solutions for your corner windows by adding to the interior of your space. These shutters will provide complete privacy and are also easy to deal with in small spaces/ rooms where drapes can cause a problem. Meanwhile, you can also adjust the light coming in as needed.


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