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Why settle for less than optimal levels of privacy and illumination when you can have it all? The trendy SunScreens and block-out roller fabrics that make up our double roller blinds are assembled in predetermined ratios. A screen will keep the view private, while a block out will keep the light out using a single, straightforward mechanism.

In this article, we have discussed the differences between Combo/Duo day and Night roller blinds.


Dual-Roller Blinds Provide Day And Night Privacy

Installing a new ultra slimline compact double roller blind bracket and attaching two fabrics to it will provide the highest possible level of discretion during the day and the night. You can switch between a blockout mode and a private mode, depending on how much you value your privacy.

Night Roller Blinds

What are Day and Night Blinds?

There are about 150 different types of fabrics from which to choose. A virtually infinite number of possible colour and material combinations can be achieved by using double brackets.


How Are These Blinds Beneficial?

  1. Compact Double Blind Brackets

With these matching options, you can find a colour that works with your existing furniture and upholstery. When the blinds are installed on the brackets, they will have a projection of 90mm, making them suitable for most window recesses. To make your blinds seem even better when face-fitted, we use a slimline point that makes them stick out less from the wall than the competition.

  1. Affordable

At Sublime Blinds and Shutters, roller blinds are available at unbeatable low prices. It is a common misconception that this indicates that you are being taken advantage of in some way, but this is not the case. Since we ship all around Australia, we are able to offer unbeatable rates on our blinds. Because we’re an online company, we can sell in more significant numbers, and those savings will be passed on to you. You are also bypassing the retail markup by buying directly from the manufacturer.

Uses of Duo Lockable blinds/Shades for Day/Night

  • Dual blinds are blinds made from two different textiles. A central rail joins the two fabrics, yet each section can be adjusted separately. One material can be hidden entirely, leaving the other to cover the window, both materials can be masked, or a combination of the two can be used.
  • For the most adaptability in a variety of settings, it is recommended to use a mix of one transparent/translucent fabric and one dim-out/blackout cloth. A dual blind is an excellent choice for any area in your home, including the bedroom, the office, and the living room.

Choices of Fabrics for Two-Way Blinds

  • To increase the blind’s versatility, we’re using two materials, one sheer and one opaque.
  • When combining a translucent and a darkening fabric, choose the sheer fabric for the upper part and the darkening fabric for the lower section.
  • The duo blind configuration permits using two honeycomb textiles, significantly increasing their insulating properties.
  • Beautiful results can be achieved by mixing patterned and solid fabrics.

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