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If you reside in Lockyer valley, Scenic rim, Somerset Regional Council, Ipswich council catchment, Fernvale, Marburg, Hatton Vale or Kensington grove, Zebra blinds are the blinds that you would want for your house!

When in use, you’ll notice that the appearance of DAY & NIGHT blinds from a distance is comparable to that of Venetian blinds. However, if you look more closely, you’ll notice that they are roller blinds with translucent portions letting sunlight through.

Beaded chains come equipped with specialized controls that enable the wearer to regulate the amount of light that passes through the chain.

Day/night blinds are the first new concept in window coverings to be introduced in years. It combines the adaptability of a Venetian blind, the simplicity of operation of a roller blind, and the light-filtering effect of a sheer, making it an excellent choice for rooms exposed to a lot of sunlight.

A breathtaking sheer elegance blind that combines the sophistication of a sheer blind and the adaptability of a roller blind, allowing consumers to benefit from a one-of-a-kind light filtering effect that any competitor cannot replicate.

Zebra indoor blinds are the perfect window solution for any contemporary living space or room with a lot of natural light.

These blinds have a sleek style, clean lines, and seclusion with an inventive modern twist thanks to their attractive headrail and discreet sidewinder control.

If you live in one of these places in Australia, Ipswich, Springfield, Jimboomba, Brisbane, Ripley, Greenbank, Springfield Lakes, Brookwater, or Augustine heights, then these zebra are perfect for you!

What are the Key Features of Zebra Blinds/Sheer Elegance Blinds?

Suppose you can have an understanding of the design, features, and applications of Sheer Elegance Blinds. In that case, you will be better able to determine whether or not they will meet the requirements of your particular window decorating demands.

They have a very similar design to normal roller blinds; however, there are a few essential modifications that make them more adaptable.

One of the characteristics that set them distinct from similar products is the actual fabric that they use.

Transparent vision skins are a type of roller blind that don’t use a blackout or sheer fabric like ordinary roller blinds. Instead, they have a pattern that alternates between sheer and room-darkening parts that run horizontally.


The Sheer Elegance skin on these Roller Blinds is doubled up, in contrast to the Sheer Elegance skin on conventional Roller Blinds.

Therefore, while the blinds are in an aligned position, they allow light through, but when they are moved to an offset position, they add seclusion.

A bottom rail with a specialized construction is added to the blind so that the skin will continue to remain straight and the blind will function faultlessly.

Because of its distinctive pattern, Zebra Blinds are able to coordinate flawlessly with a wide variety of different home design aesthetics.

Sheer Elegances serve not only to retain greater control of light within a space but also to help accentuate the windows themselves, which is the most evident purpose they provide.

Thanks to the striped design, your windows will have a more interesting appearance, and the blinds themselves will help diffuse the light that comes in via them.

Let’s chat about the nifty extras you may get for your Zebra Blinds. To achieve an appearance of continuity, you have your choice between two distinct pelmets.

The Louvolite 70mm Fascia has a curved rectangular form coupled with a fabric insert, whereas the Vogue Pelmet has a more straightforward and contemporary appearance.

Sheer Elegance Blinds can be joined in a manner analogous to that of Roller Blinds to cover greater distances.

A motorization option can also be installed in these blinds, just like it is in many of our other internal blinds.

Motorization might be of assistance in making the process of lowering or retracting your blinds simple and hassle-free.

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