Shutters and blinds are trending these days. Among them, plantation shutters enjoy a great popularity. They are not only being used in residential settings but have become equally popular in commercial settings as well. While there are roller blinds and roller shutters giving tough competition to them when it comes to popularity but plantation shutters are in a league of their own.

Have a look at some of the reasons why plantation shutters have become immensely popular:


The biggest factor that goes in favour of the plantation shutters is their energy efficiency. Due to this feature, they block the outside air to enter the home and restrict the inside air to escape through the windows. This reduces the burden on the heating and cooling devices installed in a home.


This type of shutters is more durable than other types since they are made using highest-grade materials. Although the use of materials varies from manufacturer to manufacturer. As a result, their durability may fluctuate. Thus, it is advised to select the best manufacturer.


Unwanted glares and peeks from the annoying neighbours or onlookers can definitely make one uncomfortable in their own home. You can get rid of them by getting plantation shutters installed in your home. They offer enhanced privacy; hence, they are often used in corporate settings as well.

Light Control

These shutters can be set at any level; thus, you have the control over sunlight that enters your home. For example, if you prefer to create a dark ambiance, you can create it by setting the shutters accordingly.

Easy to Clean and Maintain

Another remarkable feature of plantation shutters is that they are easy to clean and maintain. There is no extensive cleaning work required to make them spot-free as you can do it easily.

There you have it! These are some of the reasons why plantation shutters are extremely popular. You can also get them for your home or office at affordable rates if you are located in Ipswich, Springfield Lakes, Jimboomba, Brisbane, and Ripley. Simply, place an order with us and get them made as per your requirements.










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