Wire Guide Outdoor Blind


Wire Guide Outdoor Blinds feature a sleek, modern and unobtrusive appearance, this universal blind can be installed between posts, on the front of posts, without posts and over windows. Available in either motorised or crank handle operation, Wire Guide Outdoor Blinds can be locked in the down position using stainless steel dog clips.

Wire guide blinds combine a heavy-duty crank-operated gearbox driven by Stainless Steel Wire and fittings that feed into the weighted aluminium bottom rail of the blind to provide flexibility, design, and power. This allows for precise movement and eliminates any unnecessary warping or flapping, allowing you to stop the blind at any vertical point.

Wire Guide Outdoor Blinds are of the highest quality and Sublime has installed many all over the Greater Springfield area. Our blinds are constructed of the highest quality stainless steel and feature anodized aluminium base bars. Awnings & blinds that are suspended from the ceiling may also be installed. As all Sublime products, our wire guide blinds are custom made to the correct size. You have the option of choosing from a variety of textures, styles, and colours from a large selection oto suit your needs & budget

Features & Benefits

• Manufactured using quality stainless steel components.

• Unique non wearing stainless steel spring-loaded guides on the bottom rail.

• Can span an opening up to 5.8m in width depending on the height (drop).

• Crank handle or motor can be located on either the left or the right side of the blind.

• Once secured using stainless steel dog clips, the blind can be tensioned using the crank or motor.

• Motorised blinds can be fitted with optional sun and wind sensors for automatic operation.

• A modern compact weather box, designed to enclose the top roll, is an optional extra – available in 4 standard colours