Strong and durable, Zipscreen is the ultimate external screening solution for any outdoor area or window providing an insect-free environment and protection from the sun, UV rays and severe weather. With various external fabric choices available, including popular screen mesh fabrics you can also easily control the level of visibility to achieve your desired level of privacy.

Specially designed for alfresco entertaining areas, the Zipscreen offers a sleek and secure alternative to traditional awnings and roller shutters, and it’s clever construction that features self-aligning side channels enables installation in areas that aren’t the conventional square shape. Made in widths of up to 5 metres or an impressive 7 metres with Zipscreen Extreme, it provides the flexibility to fit most outdoor areas.


Zipscreen Extreme


Features & Benefits

• Available with a maximum width of up to 7m

• Aluminium tube options available in either 110mm or 130mm diameters.

• Protection from sun, wind and rain.

• Complete seal along the edge with zLock technology.

• Motorised operation

• Can be fitted with optional sun and wind sensors for automatic operation.

• Solar fabrics provide sun protection and privacy.

• No ropes, no straps, no buckles.